Why Are So Many Astrologers Musicians?



The musicians by Caravaggio
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Right? In case you haven’t noticed, most of the astrologers in the west are musicians or at least have some other sort of artistic background. By most I mean more than half. Here is why, in a stream of consciousness explanation…

There are two planets that contribute significantly to astrology. The first, well known, is Mercury. Mercury gives us intelligence, and the ability to utilize symbols of communication and make computations. Those are all the basic fundamental things that astrologers need. We need to make thousands of computations (though nowadays only the astrologers who write the software really NEED outstanding Mercury for this), we need to be able to interpret tons and tons of symbols – planets, signs, houses, etc. And we need to be able to communicate to people. For all these things, astrologers need outstanding Mercury.

You could also say that Ketu is quite and important planet, or perhaps Rahu too, since they give mystic insight into past and future, and Ketu particularly gives subconscious access to symbolism. But Ketu was not the second planet I was thinking about when I started writing. You probably wont guess the second planet.

I was shocked too the first time that I heard, of all the planets the greatest astrologer of all is… VENUS.

Yep. Shocking.

The deity of Venus is shukra-acarya, who is the guru of all the primeval forces of nature. Venus is the most excellent planet for giving material prosperity. Astrology is a study of karma, (“destiny” or “fate”), and karma is about the good and bad “luck” you have in the material world. The blessings and curses you get. Venus is the one planet who gives the ability to figure out how to make something pleasant. Venus can take a metal wire and turn it into a string on a musical instrument. Venus is the best planet at making things beneficial and pleasant. Astrology is mainly about trying to attain a beneficial and pleasant destiny. Venus, in Vedic Mythology is a better astrologer than Jupiter and Mercury.

Venus is also the artist.

Probably this is why so many astrologers are musicians or artists as well – the are getting the talents they use in astrology from Venus, and thus also get talents for other Venus skills, like music and arts.

Of course many astrologers are NOT musicians or artists. Many are more like scientists. These would be drawing more upon Mercury, Ketu or perhaps even Saturn for the skills they use in astrology.

Hope you found this interesting!

– Vic DiCara