Is Venus a Heavenly Planet?


Impact craters on the surface of Venus (image ...
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Hanumat Swami when asked if Venus was a heavenly planet didnt know….do you?


It is a sign of the greatest wisdom to say, “I don’t know.”
I too don’t know exactly how the “planets” we call Venus, etc. correspond to the “lokas” (locations) occupied by various beings described in Vedic scripture.
Venus is a manifestation of Shukracarya – the guru of the daityas (demons). Because Venus is so benefic, opulent and generous, it cannot be “hell” but it is not a place of Devas (demigods) either, so neither can it be called a “heaven.” It is most likely something like a “subterranian heavenly planet” described in the Vedic literature – that is to say it is a planet of superlative felicity, opulence, and pleasure that is populated by the “demons.”

– Vic DiCara