Is My Fate Written in Stone? Can I do Anything About It?

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Question: Is it that my destiny is written and fixed and I cannot shake it off? I am keen to understand the concept of free will and repaying karmic debt?

It is fixed that you have already done certain deeds in your past. That cannot be changed. It is like a child who has picked on his younger brother. The offence is already made. That much can not be changed. Now, the child must be improved. That is also a unchangable given. The parents will improve the child, but the exact means through which they will do so is not set in stone. It depends largely on how the child reacts now, in the present.

If the boy is arrogant and stubborn, saying, “yeah, I hate my brother and I will beat him up again!” then the parents will have to resort to very strict and elaborate and prolonged means of correction and punishment to correct the child. If, on the other hand, the boy is humble, meek, accepting and open, saying “I am sorry! I wish I was better. How can I be a better brother?” then the parents correction will almost not even feel like punishment at all – it will be very warm and friendly.

So how you will experience your karmic destiny all depends upon your current attitude! Astrology is meant to help open you to the fact that the things happening to you are happening to you for good reason, because they are destined to happen to you as a result of the actions have have taken in past lifetimes. This understanding is meant to make you humble, meet and accepting towards your mother and father – nature and God. With this attitude the exact subjective shape of your karma changes dramatically and instead of feeling like a prolonged punishment, your karmic destiny begins to feel like warm and loving guidance.

This is the true purpose of remedies and mantras and astrological readings.