New and Changing Zodiac Signs?


People are once again in a tissy that maybe there should be 13 zodiac signs, and that the “signs” that are popular in the west are not the same as the actual constellations of the zodiac.



This kind of stuff is only written by people who don’t know the rudimentary abc’s of astrology. Heck, why stop with 13 signs, why not 14 or 15? There is a very good answer, a very good reason why there are TWELVE signs in the zodiac and it is the same reason there are 12 months in the year: the reason is that there are 12 full moon cycles during the solar cycle of 1 year. There is one sign for the amount of space occupied by the sun during each of those 12 lunar cycles. That”s what a “sign” IS, and that’s why there can never be any more or any less than 12 signs.



There are two ways to measure the 12 signs of the zodiac. One uses seasonal anchor points – the solstices and equinoxes – and the other uses galactic anchor points – specific stars. The first is called the tropical zodiac and the second is called the sidereal zodiac. The two zodiacs phase in and out of sync with one another in a long looping pattern of 26,000 years. The tropical zodiac is meant (in Vedic and other systems of astrology) for constructing the practical calendar because it predicts the seasons and overall weather patterns. The sidereal zodiac is meant for the spiritual / religious calendar and is the primary zodiac used for personal astrological interpretation an prediction.


The fact that the seasonal zodiac is out of sync with the galactic zodiac is absolutely normal and is a rhythm establishing the unfolding of very long spans of time called epochs or “yugas.”


Horoscopes in newspapers are always joke-worthy regardless of what zodiac they use or do not use, because regardless they attempt to reduce astrology to signs, when in fact every person is a unique combination of all 12 signs, all 12 houses and all 9 planets.



If you think the idea of a 13th sign is exciting, check this out: the main zodiac division has 12 signs, but the secondary zodiac division has 27 signs, called “lunar mansions” – that is a lot more than 13! Furthermore there are 24 signs in the “hora” zodiac, 36 in the “drekkan” zodiac, 108 in the ninth harmonic zodiac, and so on.


Point being that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.


Thank You,

Vic DiCara