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Personal Astrological Calendars from $60


One-month anonymous sample with explanatory pages. 10 Pages in the sample.

Your transits, dasha cycles, lunar days and solar seasons all in one easy-to-use modern calendar fomat!

Never before has an astrologer given you such simple access to so much important personalized astrological information in such a practical and easy-to-use format! This calendar includes:

  • The standard modern calendar.
  • The solar calendar, keeping you in tune with nature’s seasons.
  • The lunar calendar, localized to your current home-base and personalized to your individual birth-moon, to keep you spiritually and emotionally in sync, and to help you find the best days to do the things you want to do.
  • Your lunar & solar birthdays!
  • Your personal time cycles – dasha – keeping you in touch with the driving forces behind your unfolding destiny on a daily basis.
  • Your personal transits, keeping you aware of how the current heavenly motions affect your birth chart, and thus your daily destiny.

Start from any month.