What is Time?


What is a Calendar?

A calendar is a way of marking time.

Why is it important to mark time?

Because time is God, and we must make ourselves aware of God.

“Time is God”??? Why?

Because time is all-powerful. God is much more than time, yes, but time is one way God becomes a tangible reality to everyone. Marking time is a sacred activity. It makes one aware of God’s presence.

How can we measure time?

Time allows things to happen. If time stands still, nothing moves. So by observing motion we can mark the passage of time!

What motion measures time?

The only ruler that can measure God/time is God/the universe. The constant motion of the universe, especially the Sun & Moon, allow us to remain in touch with God by measuring time accurately. All calendars of great human cultures are based on the interwoven movements of the Sun and Moon.

What are the units of time?

Years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds are the most common units of time. Other units are not as commonly used today but Sages and scientists continue to use them, especially to measure uncommonly large or small intervals of time.

Here is how a natural astrological calendar defines the units of time:


When the Sun makes a complete lap through the circle of the zodiac, we say a “year” has passed.1


When the Moon makes a complete lap through the zodiac, a “month” has passed. The Moon makes about twelve laps during the amount of time it makes the Sun to make one. This is why there are 12 months in a year, and 12 zodiac signs.


When the Sun makes a complete lap through our sky – rising, setting and rising again – we say a day has passed. (Midnight day-changes are a modern mis-invention.) There are approximately 360 days in a year, 30 in every month.


Since the Sun and Moon create 12 zodiac divisions, we give 12 units of time to the Sun and 12 to the Moon, creating 24 hours in a day. On average, the Sun shines on 12 of them, and the Moon shines on the other 12.


A minute is a very small division of the hour. (The word simply means small: “miniature”, “minutia”, etc.) There are 60 minutes in an hour, because 60 is a perfect multiple of 360.


Seconds are the second minutia of an hour. Thus there are also 60 seconds in every minute.


To be exact, the Moon makes slightly more than 12 laps during a single year. This is why there are slightly more than 360 days in a year and also why all calendars require “leap years” to periodically re-synchronize the lunar and solar measurements.

– Vic DiCara