The Eclipse at the End of The World

The dark-skinned monster with the sword is Kali.
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OK, off the bat I am going to be super straightforward and let you all know that I have not studied “mundane” astrology to the extent that I would like to, and to the extent that I would really be qualified to provide you with very good analysis of things like eclipses, etc. “Mundane” astrology, by the way, means the astrology of things that don’t have “souls” – you know – astrology for political events, wars, etc. And, another “by the way” – the reason why I haven’t studied this branch of astrology much in comparison to what I have devoted to other branches of astrology is largely because it bothers me.


Take this eclipse, for example… no wait… stop. Is anyone going to stop to remember first of all that prior to this there have been dozens of announcements, articles, videos, and other blogger-breaking-news reports about the end of the world pertaining to “3 eclipses in a year”, or “Your Venus in my Uranus” or whatever and everything else? I mean really, please, lets not forget how many cans of powdered milk we stockpiled for “Y2K” and this and that.

Kali Yuga

So take this eclipse for example, it is sort of like, “Hallelujah, Jesus is gonna come.” OK, lovely. Guess what. He is about one thousand nine hundred and… eighty years late. But we still cheer him on. And even those of us without crucifixes around our necks find some way to channel that  indomitable human lack of realism. We may talk about galactic centers or Lord Shivas, or eclipses and stonehenges… but really we are all Jesus Freaks waiting for “the rapture” and just using different names for it.

OK, when am I going to get to talking about this eclipse???

OH wow, 2012. 12/21/2012…. look at all those TWELVES, right?

Wrong. The modern calendar is a complete farce and has no astrological merit whatsoever, no connection to nature. Any “numerological” assessment based on meaningless numbers (like our raw modern calendar dates not translated to sidereal time) is going to be as meaningless as the numbers it is based on. OK, but it is still fun because since the alignment of 1984 didnt work, and since Y2K didnt work, and while we are waiting to be disappointed about the aliens and huge asteroids that don’t come to destroy/reinvent/sweep us off our feet… hey, lets play with some numbers and eclipses.

OK, so there is an eclipse that coincides with the winter solstice. Yippie.

Folks… do you first of all realize that eclipses are regular events? They happen at least twice a year, every year, forever. You know that right? So every time some astrologer tries to get hits to his or her blog by talking about the impact of an eclipse, you realize the impact is nothing more or less, in all likelihood, than whatever it was you already forgot about happening 6 months ago when the last eclipse happened?

Now, if an eclipse is happening in conjunction with something in your individual birth chart, maybe that is a different story. I will concede that. But that is why I like to study and practice natal astrology. What we are talking about right now is mundane astrology and the effect of eclipses on world affairs.

Folks… do you ever ask any questions to your “teachers”? You really must. A student is not a student without asking intelligent questions.

When someone tells you that this winter solstice eclipse means yada yada yada… dont you at least want to know when the last one happened? Wouldn’t that be scientific and reasonable and, well, intelligent. Do you know that a winter solstice eclipse happened a few hundred years ago? And do you remember that the world did not end or radically change at that time, at least not in the way people are flowering on and on about what is going to happen…

Yo, seriously, how much can you mix and match flavors before you get a stomach ache? Mayan Calendars, Western astronomy, Vedic lunar mansions – and you like it when the whole thing is called “Vedic astrology”???? And people say “Vedic astrology says this eclipse is more important than 2012″…. please doesnt any one among you have a voice to protest and ask a question? For example, “What? There is a statement in the Veda about the end of the mayan calendar coinciding (we think) with 12/21/2012??? Please can you tell me the reference and perhaps give the Sanskrit?”

Seriously, all this stuff is crazy… you guys are even forgetting the vedas in your rush to welcome jesus, or the age of aquarius, or the planet niberuians or whatever it is the pyramids are supposed to represent this week. The Vedas (Vishnu Purana and all puranas) say that the current epoch of the world, KALI YUGA, lasts for 432,000 years of which only about 5,000 have passed! I know it is fun to hear people try to unify world cultures, but ladies and gentlemen, please hear my (apparently) one singular voice telling you that it is not “Vedic” to say that Kali Yuga ends with the end of the mayan calandar, nor that they Kali Yuga is finished – I don’t care what relatively modern “yogi” gave you the joy-ticket to believe otherwise.

K, back to this eclipse. So, guess what. It is an eclipse. That happens twice a year, at least. Once a year the Earth’s shadow falls on the moon, and once a year the Moon blocks the sunlight. Those are the two eclipses. Todays eclipse is the earths shadow falling on the moon.

Eclipses are big deals because the lights in the sky are going out. Remember when NYC had a blackout? That was pretty terrifying. That is what eclipses are. “Evil” forces are destroying the “power grid” and the light of the sun / moon (as the case may be) fails. It is serious business, to be sure. Symbolically it means that authority and order is being challenged.

It does not mean the end of the world.

Just so you all know, I do believe that the world is undergoing major changes. I do believe that we are witnessing the fall of America. I do believe that this eclipse, the mayan calendar, etc etc have to do with the ending of America’s prominence in the world. And I don’t believe anything catastrophic is about to happen.

Funny thing is this… maybe I am wrong. You know what, I don’t mind, because like I said, it isn’t really my focus of study or practice at least not right now. But you know what is odd? Maybe I should be like what seems like every other astrologer, and predict dire effects every dime a crow flies across the moon. You guys will forget about it when I am wrong, but when I finally get one right, I will become famous.


Anyway,  sorry for venting. Hope you enjoyed and can relate to the Saturnian Capricornian realism in what I am saying here.

– Vic DiCara


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