The Mars Effect: Hitler vs. Mother Teresa

In 1934, Hitler became Germany's president und...
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I just fulfilled a long cherished dream. I took one of the most poorly applied techniques of modern “vedic” astrology – mangala dosha – and created a properly thorough and exactly accurate report on “The Mars Effect” which I can offer for a very inexpensive price ($9!). This report examines the effect of selfishness and personal ambition on ones ability to sustain close loving relationships. To order a report for yourself, please see my site.

I have two interesting case studies to share, which also serve as samples of what the report is. I looked for two extremes, one who would be very selfish and self-centered in how they deal with their relationships to the world; and another who was very selfless and humanitarian. I thought of Adolf Hitler vs. Mother Teresa!

You can read these two reports here!