Art & Beauty



What placements would indicate beauty or handsomeness?

The beautiful planets are: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon. This is in decreasing order, but they are all quite beautiful.

The ugly planets are: Mars, Saturn, Nodes, and Sun… Again in decresing order. The nodes are wildcard, with aspects from beeautiful planets they can really amplify beauty.

Armed with that information and knowing that the 1st house is the physical body and the 2nd house is the face. YOu can put 2 and 2 together and read charts to figure out beauty. When the 1st and second houses belong to beautiful planets, are aspected by and occupied by beautiful planets, and when their rulers are aspected by or conjoined with beautiful planets, the person is beautiful.


What placements in Astrology would indicate good singing ability or pleasant speaking voice?

– 2nd house

– 2nd sign (Taurus)

These represent the face/ mouth/ neck and therefore deal with the voice. By extension, the ruler of the 2nd house is an important factor. The ruler of the 2nd Sign too, is Venus:

– Venus (ruler of Taurus and planet of pleasant and good things)
– 2nd House lord

– Jupiter (the planet controlling the element of ether, which is the element in which sound vibrates)
– Mercury (the planet controlling mastery of language and speech)

… so when these factors are in auspicious situations – you know, in good houses, good dignity, nice benefic aspects coming to them… this promotes the quality of the voice and speech.

In order for there to be good singing, however, Mercury is less important (except for writing lyrics) and Jupiter more important…. But now you need significant combinations between houses 3, 5, 11 and 4. I wrote an article explaining why.


What in a birth chart indicates the native can be an excellent dancer?

Classical answer is that the 11th and 3rd houses must be strong! Here is why: The third house controls dexterity (because it pertains to the arms, hands and fingers). Dancing requires excellent dexterity. The 11th house controls social pleasures, including theatre and performance. When the 3rd and 11th houses are strong the person has great dexterity which can be used to entertain others.

If Venus is also strong, good and prominent, and MERCURY (dexterity), this highly contributes.

[I have seen this produce accurate results. It works best (like all house based assesment) on sidereal zodiac with whole-sign houses.]

Mercury and Creativity

Shouldnt Mercury determine how imaginative or creative a person is?


Mercury is not about imagination or creativity but about the ability to understand and be understood. The Moon is full of the desires and emotions that generate creativity.

The 5th house is very important for creativity. The 3rd and 11th also.

– Vic DiCara