Why are Women into Astrology? (and other questions)


Why are women more into astrology?

In the west women are dramatically more interested in astrology than men. In the east it is equal between men and women.

The reason is that women are naturally more self-reflective – they look at themselves more, they think about themselves more (astrologically this is because women are “dna” from the Moon, and are made of the astrological element “water”). Thus they are more interested in hearing about themselves, their lives, their futures, and reflecting upon it. The western male is so intent on slaving to the immediate dictates of his passions and lusts that he has no time for discussions, reflections, etc which are part and parcel of things like astrology.

Eastern men are FAR less testosterone enslaved than western men (as a group, individuals vary of course), and eastern culture is far more centered on self-reflection, etc. Therefore there is not a huge gender gap with eastern cultures and astrology.

Define “conjunction”

Now, this is one area that’s still a bit fuzzy to me. I have read several different things about the Conjunction.

1. That a planet must be within 8 degrees of another planet, unless it’s Sun or Moon, then 10 degrees is acceptable.

2. Conjunction means the planets occupy the same House.

3. Conjunction means the planets occupy the same Sign.

Those are the most common things I have seen; both on the web and in some Astrology books I own.

What is your definition of a Conjunction?

Try thinking of it this way: Conjunctions form when planets “have access” to one another. “Conjunction” means “joining” or “cooperating.” Planets can cooperate and blend with one another (conjoin) only when their proximity gives them “access” to one another. This can happen by mutual “lines of sight” (aspects) or by physical proximity (conjunction).

If two planets are in the same sign, that affords them some amount of access to one another. In some forms of astrology (popular now in the west especially) houses are different than signs, so being in the same house could be considered a separate way two planets can gain access to one another.

Lets say you and I live in the same apartment building. This is like two planets being in the same house/sign. We have access to one another. We might run into one another now and then, stairways, elevators, mailboxes, etc. And at those times we might talk or otherwise affect one another. But lets say you move and become my next door neighbor. We are still in the same building, but obviously now the access we have to one another is a lot greater, right? This is like planets who are very close BY DEGREE.

Conjunctions that are physically close by degree give MORE access between the planets, and thus form more noticable conjunctions / blends / cooperations between the planets involved.

How many degrees?

One way to look at it is to divorce it from the zodiac and give it some number, “8”º or “10”º but I think that is arbitrary and artificial. Think of it like an apartment building, the fewer floors and walls between you and I, the more opportunity we have to affect one another. The “walls” and “floors” in a sign are the lunar mansions and the 9th harmonic divisions (primarily). Planets in the same sign are conjoined – but planets in the same sign AND lunar mansion are “very” conjoined, and planets in the same sign, mansion, AND 9th harmonic division are “extremely” conjoined.


Which signs or aspects are the most inquisitive? people who ask random questions about…everything. like, ‘what is your favorite age you have been so far?” just totally random and inquisitive. scorpios??

Inquisitive, in the way you described – asking apparently random questions – comes as a result of dual planets and signs. This energy makes us want to know about all sorts of things, and we don’t need to follow a specific sequence of logical conversation jumping from one topic or question to the next. Dual signs are the ones owned by Jupiter and Mercury: Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo. Dual planets are Mercury and the Moon (when darkening) and the nodes (Rahu and Ketu).

There is another type of “inquisitiveness” – where someone is very penetrating intellectually and wants to learn things deeply. Mars gives the power of “penetration” (look at his glyph symbol! consider that he is archetypically male, and he also controls all the things that cut and slice, like weapons and blades). Mars (and his signs too, Aries/Scorpio) have to do with this type of inquisitiveness.

Please tell me everything

To JYOTISH, please tellme how my life’s going to be ? Have not achieve anything till now..? how is time treating me ? How wil be my carrier?, when will i get marry ?↲ D.O.B. – 14/ 01/1990…barnala(punjab) 05.00am

sure prediction: you are going to have a hard time till you approach the right people in the right way with the right questions and the right attitude. Asking for a mystical revelation of the history of your future life, marriage, career, etc. as a question on Yahoo! answers is going to get you nothing but lousy answers and ridicule.

Tad vidhi pariprashnena etc….

Approach a learned and humble sage in a service-giving attitude, with gifts, and submit your query. Then you will achieve proper guidance in life. Till then, rely on luck.

– Vic DiCara