Perfectly Terrible Relationships, Tarot, Squares, & Conjunctions

Perfectly Terrible Relationships

What two signs would always argue with eachother but never leave one another?

Young Couple in Relationship Conflict
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To stretch, I could say OPPOSITE signs have this trait somewhat (for example Taurus/Scorpio) because this is the attraction of opposites, which is the most exciting and therefore least smooth. But, it’s not really about two signs. It could be caused when one planetary pairs is in a highly compatible sign, but another planetary pair is in a highly incompatible sign. For example, her moon in Aries and his moon in Capricorn = conflict, but she also has ascendant in Capricorn and he has ascendant in Cancer = attraction.

Also sometimes two individuals have very poor relationship karma in their horoscope, and these two individuals form lasting relationships (good “compatibility”), which means that their lousy relationship karma has found its perfect lasting expression. =)

Tarot cards.
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Do you believe in Tarot?

The Tarot, in my opinion, acts as a CONDUIT for the super-soul to speak to you or I using symbolic language that bypasses our rational intellect – so that the universe’s message to us can communicate more clearly without being twisted by our own thought processes. For the Tarot to work, the person reading it must be in touch with the universal energy (“supersoul”) speaking through the Tarot. It is actually the universal energy, not the Tarot, which is predicting and providing the guidance. The Tarot is merely the vehicle of communication.

Venus square Saturn transit

Holy hell………..Venus Square Saturn… anyone else experience this transit?
What did you feel and what happened?

Before Astrology skeptics answer: Yes, I am well-aware astrology is pseudoscience. I do not base life decisions, etc. on astrology. It is a hobby. That is all.

Astrology is not “psuedo science” – don’t bow down to the opinions of the brain-dead and heart-removed. Astrology is the mother of all sciences. This is a historical fact.

Regarding “Venus Square Saturn” – you should know that when you asked this question Saturn was about 18º away from Venus. A square is 90º. Therefore I doubt you mean that Venus and Saturn are currently square, since they are not.

You might mean that Venus is currently square to YOUR Saturn (the place Saturn is in your birth chart). In which case only persons with saturn in the same or opposite place in the zodiac as you would be able to be experiencing the transit at the moment.

Or you might mean that Venus is square Saturn in your horoscopes, but the you wouldn’t / shouldn’t have called it a “transit.”

In any case besides the last, my opinion (which is shared by the vast majority of astrologers) is that the transit of Venus is not particularly powerful (on its own) unless it is during a station, because she is an inner planet and therefore moves too quickly to cause much influence to the point she is transiting. Most likely whatever it is you are experiencing now is due to some other cause, mainly, and the “Venus square Saturn” thing is playing a supporting role.

Out-of-sign conjunctions

So, how do you look at this? Let’s say someone has one planet in the last few degrees of Taurus, conjunct one planet in the first degrees of Gemini? Will this aspect work? Experiences?

Since I use sidereal zodiacs, I use the lunar mansions very extensively. 8 out of 12 times the lunar mansions blur the borders between two signs, building a bridge from one to the next. I seem to have found that when two planets occupy the same lunar mansion they form conjunctions, regardless if their position in that lunar mansion is in two different signs or not.

Do note, that conjunctions are between planets, not sign. For example a Venus / Jupiter conjunction will blend the natures of Venus and Jupiter (“faithful lover” / “positive artist” / “religious love” etc), regardless of what sign the conjunction occurs in. The main thing is that the two planets operate cooperatively. Then, the next thing is that this cooperative energy then operates with the resources available to it, give by the sign(s) it occupies.

– Vic DiCara