The Number 9, The House 5


Why is the 9九 considered the most “profound number”?

Because we have 10 fingers.

Therefore we count in 10s.

Thus 9 is the BIGGEST number (after nine it goes to zero, and adds a digit to another column: 10).

So 9 is the final number.

Actually, however, 108 is the most profound number in occult science, to the best of my understanding. There are 9 planets in classical astrology, they occupy 12 signs. 9×12 is 108. There are 12 zodiac signs, if you divide each into 9 sections you get a perfect division which unites the solar zodiac with the lunar mansions seamlessly and creates the three distinct elemental sections in the zodiac. The sum total of 12 signs each divided into 9 sections results in 108 distinct areas of the zodiac!

In classical astrology, 9 Is the numeric root of the S.Node, Ketu – the final planet, planet of withdrawl from the “real” world and attainment of final enlightenment.

Does your 5th house help you experience joy and contentment?

Basically the 5th is about intelligence. The 4th is about joy and contentment. The 5th (obviously) borders on the 4th, so they are related, yeah. But still, the 5th is the 5th and the 4th is the 4th.

What the 5th house / intelligence does is make plans for how to attain the joy and contentment desired by the 4th house. The 5th house tends to do this by trying to intelligently interface with other people and ideas (because it is on the west side of the 4th, closer to the 7th house / others). The 3rd house is the neighbor of the 4th on the other side. The 3rd also has to do with achieving joy and contentment, in the sense that it holds our desires for such. The 3rd fulfills joy by generating personal ambition and desires because it is on the East side of the 4th, closer to the 1st house / self).

– Vic DiCara

(Vraja Kishor das)