Are Horoscopes Real? Etc.

Are Horoscopes Real?

Tuol Sleng
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Depends on what you mean… (1) What do you mean by “real”? (2) What do you mean by “horoscopes”?

Real means, “Actually existing as a thing; factual; not imagined”

Horoscopes certainly “exist” – you can find them in the newspaper, for example, or in a bookstore, or wherever. In that sense, they are certainly real. But so is a fantasy book. So I think you are really interested in a deeper meaning of “real” – what you are asking is:

Are the predictions and statements made in horoscopes “real” in the sense of being accurate, reliable, factual, etc.?

To answer that, we have to look at what you mean by “horoscopes.” Here are two dictionary definitions:

1) a short forecast for people born under a particular sign, esp. as published in a newspaper or magazine

2) a forecast of a person’s future, typically including a delineation of character and circumstances, based on the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of that person’s birth.

The two are very different!

The first type of horoscope, imo, is NOT real. It is no better or worse a source of factual guidance than anything else like rolling dice, tossing coins, putting a fortune out of a hat or a cookie, etc.

The second type of horoscope, imo, CAN BE real. But it requires a lot of intelligence and intuition to be decoded by a gifted astrologer.

Is Numerology “Real”?

K – I just went on about what “real” is… so lets skip to this: Personally, i think it is bunk. Here is why;;;

1) It is based on calendar dates
2) It is based on alphabets

WTF does the calendar date have to do with ANYTHING real or natural? Our calendar is completely messed up and out of touch with nature. I don’t think that numbers based on this calendar have anything substantially to do with me.

In astrology we translate the fake calendar birth date to a REAL calendar time (“sidereal time” – regardless if you are using tropical or sidereal zodiac) before we start drawing conclusions from it. If numerology did this or something like it, I would be open to considering it legit.

Same deal with the letters of my name. Why should the ABC roman alphabet be thought to be so natural and important? It is a bastardization of language anyway. Why not use cyrillic or greek or arabic or devanagari or hiragana or kanji? You know what I mean? These alphabets are at least a hell of a lot more ancient and often come from countries substantially more intouch with the workings of nature.

So if numerology would translate my date and name first into something that really had some meaning in relation to nature, and THEN started making conclusions, then I would be open to considering if it is legit or not. Till then I don’t think it even merits careful attention.

How can I combat my astrological chart?

Aries Sun Gemini Moon Libra Rising Aries Mercury Aries Mars Taurus Venus… Just look at that!!!!!!!! I have so many problems!!!!!!!!! Mars in Aries and Venus in Taurus!!! How can I deal with a chart like that?

Its about more than signs, but still lets talk. A planet in its own sign is in good dignity, not bad dignity. This is a fundamental precept of astrology, right? So there is nothing inherently challenging about Mars in Aries or Venus in Taurus. You have the Sun and Mercury there in Aries with Mars – and perhaps the Sun is combusting them or something. Anyway – I have to tell you straight that (a) this description of your chart is hardly a description of a chart, it is just some planets in some signs, (b) the planets and signs you described DO NOT sound bad. Something seems to be making you negative needlessly.

Anyway, about your actual question – you can’t “combat” your destiny. Destiny exists because every cause has an effect. Every action has a reaction. So you have already, in past lifetimes, done the deeds that have created the effects of your present. These deeds can not be undone. And having a “combative” mentality towards them is going to get you nowhere except frustrated. You can not combat destiny and more than you can stop the waves of the ocean with your fist.

You CAN get the same effect you are looking for, but not by fighting with your destiny – by embracing the good in it, and embracing the bad as a means to overcome the limitations you imposed on yourself over countless lifetimes under the influence of illusion and false ego. In other words, see the challenges in your destiny as opportunities to grow beyond what you have been in your past.

That is the non-combative way to combat your difficulties.

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What horoscope factors affect longevity?

It is an elaborate science with many important alignments to consider. It is not possible to elucidate it all in a single session, particularly not in a venue like this.

However the very fundamental basics are:

1) Saturn is the planet of persistence, survival and longevity
2) The 8th house is the house of surviving death (being just above the western horizon)

On top of this, the 1st house represents the thing that is surviving, the physical body.

So examining the condition of these houses, their lord, and their relationship with Saturn – as well as Saturn’s strength and condition… these are the fundamental indicators of longevity.

For example, when Saturn is very strong, in the 8th house, with benefic aspects – and the 1st house and lord are not overly stressed by conjunctions or aspects with malefics… in such a chart the longevity has a very long basic calculation.

On the other hand, when Saturn is unimportant in the horoscope – not influencing anything, having bad demeanor (dignity), and being weak (shadbala), and the 8th house lord is in a similar condition – the 8th house has no planets. The 1st house and lord are afflicted by malefic influence… such a chart begins with a very short basic calculation of lifespan.

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After studying astrology for 25 years my signs still don’t make sense…

You have been studying astrology for 25 years!?!?!?! Yet you have nowhere better to ask your question than Yahoo! Answers??????????????? That is incomprehensible to me! Even after 3 months of studying astrology I had personal relationships with very respectable and accomplished teachers whom I could personally contact for answers to my questions. What kind of quality of study have you been doing for 25 years that you still don’t have a guide better than Yahoo!Answers. You know the astrology section of Yahoo!Answers is REALLY, REALLY not a reliable source of guidance, 95% of the time! (With all respect to the people who are having fun here, and who are sharing what they can).

Anyway the main point is, chronology aside, you have not been studying astrology for 25 years if you are still having this question and you have no one to ask it to, besides the internet. I don’t know how you define “studying”.

The simple answer to your question is that “sign” based astrology is a dumbed-down version of astrology that simply does not work beyond the value of a “magic-8-ball.” If after 25 years you haven’t figured out how to use aspects, houses, etc. etc. (ad infinitum) to read a chart correctly, either (a) you have been “studying” from the absolute worst teachers in history or (b) you have absolutely no personal aptitude for astrology.

Sorry to be blunt!

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Effect of Moon in the 7th House?

In my experience, the nature of planets in houses is more steadily reliable when read using a very old system of whole-sign houses and sidereal zodiac. The modern western system, I personally find, works best when considering interplanetary aspects as the main basis. Anyway, maybe that is only my own experience.

Moon in the 7th house means different things depending on what house is created by Cancer, the zodiac domain in the care of the Moon. But setting that aside…

Basically the emotions and desires and mind center very much on other people. A lot of need for partnership, if not in the sense of relationship in the sense of being “accepted” and stamped “OK” by other people. A lot of desire for the opposite sex can make it more challenging to settle down and accept the value in what you have gotten in that arena – instead you are always thinking “wait but maybe there is something better – this other option might be nice” etc.

There are some other key meanings to the 7th house besides relationships – for example: commerce and death. So these topics are often on the mind when the moon is in the 7th.

A lot of the more specific outcomes of these general guidelines depends on what planets influence the 7th house moon – which means, what aspects come to the moon? where is the lord of the 7th house? etc.

I hope this helps!

Synastry – Sun Conjunct Asc: What does it mean? Is it strong?

It means person A’s practical life is very compatible with Person B’s self-concept.

It is not particularly strong or weak, just one of many factors, all of which are neither strong nor weak on their own. Things get “strong” when many factors point in the same positive directions.

Synastry – What’s stronger: double sun trine moon, or sun trine moon and moon trine venus?

“double sun trine moon”????

Do you mean that A’s Sun is trine B’s Moon and B’s Sun is trine A’s Moon? If so this would be stronger for compatibility than Sun – T – Moon + Moon T Venus. This is because the two people would experience the SAME sort of compatibility towards one another. Sometimes A thinks she is compatible emotionally with B, but B thinks he is compatible physically with A. That is like the compatibility that arises from DIFFERENT good alignments. But when A thinks she is emotionally compatible with B and B also feels emotional compatible with A – this is an even stronger connection and compatibility.