Most Powerful Moon-signs and Lousy Astrologers


How come vedic astrology predictions are no longer good?

they were good years ago. i think vedic astrology is kind of becoming obsolte now because its never accurate anymore!

Sun Catcher
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On what basis do you make this claim? Is this your personal observation that “years ago” you relieved excellent predictions, but nowadays you receive poor predictions? Is that why you ask the question? If so, maybe you do not have the same astrologer(s) these days as you did in the past?

Have you considered that “years ago” there was no such thing as the internet? People would personally go see an astrologer face to face to get a prediction, and they would remunerate the astrologer appropriately. Do you think this could compare to clicking on some computer generated webpage made by a person who not only doesn’t know you, not only can’t see you, not only hasn’t even calculated your horoscope, but also is not even a person but a computer program?

Astrology predictions (vedic or otherwise) are “no longer good” for people who are no longer approaching good astrologers (vedic or not).

Does your moon sign reflect your personality more than your sun sign?

The Sun is the ego/identity/soul
The Moon is the mind/emotions/desires

They both have to do with personality. Everything in the horoscope has to do with personality, if you are reading it to discover more about personality. But most of what we consider the core of our personality is our emotions, opinions and desires – which is the domain of the Moon, not the sun.

That said, you can’t really learn much in reliable detail without getting beyond the misconcept that astrology is about “signs.” Learn about houses, planets, aspects, alignments, etc. Then you will start getting into the real thing.

Angular Houses
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What are the most powerful or beneficial planet combinations?

Here is a different way to think about it – which is the way the ancients more often and more thoroughly thought about your question – by considering the combinations of planets not merely for what they naturally are but for what roles they play in the individual horoscope. The houses a planet owns determine what roles they play for that individual. So the ancients would answer your question by explaining the combinations of various house lords, rather than planets by name.

If you care to use an ancient zodiac (sidereal) and this ancient system together you will find it is extremely reliable.

The most powerful/beneficial combinations occur when planets who own angular houses combine with planets who own trinal houses. In other words when planets owning houses 1, 4, 7 or 10 (the angles) combine with planets who own houses 1, 5 or 9 (the trines).

“combinations” can occur in a few ways, such as obvious conjunctions, or by mutual aspect, or by mutual exchange, even mutual exchange of lunar mansions can form combinations.

Of all these possibilities, combination of the 9th and the 10th lord is the most powerful it goes like this in decending order of power:

Anything formed with the 7th lord is noteworthy but not as powerful as the others.

Next, if you see the planets making the combination have good strength and dignity, then that particular combination is going to be very strong. Even more important, if the same sorts of combinations occur not only when viewing houses from the point of view of the ascendant, but also when viewed from the point of view of the moon, it is extremely powerful.

Foe example, if a horoscope has the 9th and 10th lords combined. And then you look at the moon and notice that the planets owning the 9th and 10th signs from the Moon are also combined – this is a phenomenally strong and powerful combination.

Generally the house in which the combination occurs (or houses) tells you the area in which the power and fortune expresses itself for the person.

– Vic DiCara