Q&A For Today: 2010 November 25


What the F*ck is a Descendant?

And why isn’t it as talked about as the ascendant is?

The a-s-s-endant is the a-s-s-endant. Of course it is more talked about then the d.cendant. Asses are fun. 😉

Anyway, ascend means “rise.” Descend mean “fall” or “set”. The spot where the stars rise is the ascendant – its the eastern horizon. The spot where they fall / set is the descendant – its the western horizon. The eastern horizon is the focal point of the first house. The western horizon is the focal point of the seventh house.

Its not talked about as much because the ascendant represents the self, and is considered the anchor point determining everything else. Rightly so, because if the stars did not rise they would not set. So the ascendant is the anchor of the descendant. Anyway, being the point representing the rise of the physical self into the world, naturally the ascendant grabs all the attention – since all of us ego-creatures are mainly interested in our physical selves, no?

Are Asteroids Important in Astrology?

There are two schools of astrology, basically. There is one which seeks to invent new methods, while the other seeks to preserve and improve ancient methods.

There is a very good reason why there are these two different schools, because there are two zodiacs. One is tropical and the other sidereal. The tropical zodiac is in constant flux, always changing. The sidereal zodiac is always the same, fixed and constant. Use of the tropical zodiac required (and thus inspired) invention of newer and newer methods and tools, because what works in one century might not work in the next – as the zodiac itself constantly shifts around the “north star.” Use of the sidereal zodiac is the mother of the other school of astrology – which can keep using the same, ancient techniques over and over again, perfecting and polishing them, hopefully.

Asteroids, and all sorts of similar things (including “outer planets” like Uranus, etc) are a product of the “new school” of astrology – the one that always seeks inventions. So perhaps asteriods might be of some use and import to astrologers of that school.

I am a pretty devoted member of the other school – the one that tries to perfect and polish what has stood the test of time. So for me, asteroids are meaningless in terms of how I derive meaning and value from observing the heavens.

What in the chart makes one avoid reality?

At least in a sidereal system this mostly has to do with the 12th house and its lord. When the 12th house is highly occupied, or its lord is very influential in the chart, there is a distinct feeling that “reality” is unreal and not worth much attention.

Whose more promiscuous: Cancers or Sagittarius?

This is really a counterproductive way to apply astrology. Promiscuity comes from the conditions of the 8th house/lord (for sexual energy), 12th house/lord (for desire to escape “reality” and enjoy doing so via orgasm), and the 5th house/lord (creative impetus) and the 7th house/lord (relationship nature).

I can have fun on Yahoo! Answers, and that’s great, but I will get nowhere with astrology in the meantime, until I start to approach astrology in this fashion and educate myself on it to the extent that the above paragraph makes simple, and clear sense.

Asking to diagnose promiscuity by a tropical sun sign is like asking a doctor to diagnose aids with a thermometer.

Can you predict my sister’s partners name?

(They actually gave their birth details as well!)

Theoretically it could be done, as each 3º20′ (“navamsha”) of the sky has a specific sound/ letter – but it would require a quality of astrologer that you would not only not find on Yahoo! Answers you probably wouldn’t even find in the entire historical epoch of Kali Yuga (432,000 years surrounding the modern period).

How to Interpret two planets aspecting one other planet

if have, for an example, Jupiter squaring Saturn at same time that Neptune opposes Saturn?

Answer difficult questions by making them more real and relating them to something you are familiar with and have good experience with. Planets are like people, so think of the whole question in that light.

Two planets aspecting one other planet = You having two friends who are both influencing you. Lets say you yourself are a very realistic, cautious private person (“Saturn”). Lets say one friend is very optimistic, hopeful, and generous (“Jupiter”) and another friend is very wild, daring, and odd-ball (“Rahu” or “Neptune”).

When you hang out with your “Jupiter” friend your natural pessimism and restrictive tendencies get influenced by her joviality and hopeful optimism. When you hang out with your “Rahu/Neptune” friend you start to try new things and sometimes get really outlandish in how pessimistic and critical you are.

Now just imagine hanging out with both of them at the same time!

Outlandish positivity regarding the hopeful effects of your criticisms, etc. etc. Just keep putting 2+2+2 together and always maintain a PRAYERFUL attitude towards the whole act of divination so that higher powers can guide your mind more easily into the right avenues of thought.

What, astrologically, gives a person “presence”

The Sun has a very big “presence” – When the Sun aspects the ascendant and/or ascendant lord you can predict a commanding presence. I do have that, yeah. (Sun aspecting ascendant) The Sun is the lord of my 8th house, so that factors in to the type of presence I give off.

Other planets give their own type of presence, but not as strongly as the sun.

The next would be the Moon – gives a softer, gentler, more sweet presence.

Next powerful would be Jupiter – giving a trustworthy presence. (I have it! =) – Jupiter in mutual aspect with my ascendant lord)

Saturn, Rahu and Ketu (N/S Nodes) – give really UNUSUAL presence (Shoot, I have this too! Saturn aspects my ascendant.)

Mars gives “intimidating” or “commanding/demanding” presence. (I got that too, I have to admit – Mars aspecting my ascendant AND ascendant lord.)


Then there are also certain specific alignments (“yogas”) that give presence. King-alignments (“raja-yogas”) where lords of angles combine mutually with lords of trines (I have this going on in my 8th house). Or especially something called the “Mountain” alignment (“Parvata yoga”), which can happen when the 12th lord and 1st lord mutually aspect one another (I have that one too. Boy oh boy.).

Is the 12th House Bad?

Personally I love the 12th house, it is the sky above the eastern horizon. The eastern horizon represents birth – the physical self. The sky above that horizon holds all the “elements” that “weather” and “erode” the land below it – the physical self, and the LIE / ILLUSION of material “realities.” I think it is a fantastic place, literally – one understands the reality of “fantasy” etc.

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– Vic DiCara (Vraja Kishor das)