Q&A For Today: 2010 November 23


Make a Prediction – Will You Be Right?

I’ll answer you in a week. I’m a 16 year old leo. If you’re right, you get a cookie. If you’re wrong, I’m right.

weather charts
Chart of Weather Patterns

=), why don’t you ask the same question to your weatherman?

But you and the rest of us keep checking the weather anyway, right?

It’s because we know that just cuz they don’t often get things perfectly right, the basic idea is sound – it is just extremely complicated. If you knew what astrology really is, you would know it is at least as complicated as weather prediction. In fact weather prediction is called “meteorology” because it was born as a branch of astrology!

Plus, what you are asking for is a PSYCHIC, not an astrologer. But of course, not even knowing an apple from an orange – you are getting up on a soapbox and proclaiming that all fruits are… well, fruitcakes. (not sure if thats what you intended, but thats what it could sound like)

A psychic makes predictions or gets information from “out of the blue” by extra-sensory means. This is what you are asking for in this post. An astrologer makes prediction and gets information by studying the configuration of the stars and planets in relation to their configuration at the date, time and place of your birth.

Does Fate Override Astrology?

This is like asking if Orange is more orange than orange.

Astrology IS a revelation of “fate.” So how can I ask if fate is stronger than astrology? It is like asking if my arm could beat my arm in an arm-wrestling match. =)

Here is a lot more info, from me, on this whole subject: http://vicdicara.com/prep_karma.php

Are Scorpios Abusive?

Or most of them. Or certain ones.. What will make a Scorpio abusive?

I make one sarcastic comment and I get smacked on the back of my head. And then this other Aries guy too. I thought I got a concussion or something, gawd. Ever since I met her every time I said something I get hit. Like: “I think you look better without the make-up. Natural beauty is-*Smacked*”

What you described is not “abusive” you are using the term too cheaply. Abuse is a serious world, a serious thing, and what you are experiencing from your “scorpio” friend is not abusive. It is more like physically expressive, and a bit uncultured, or unrefined, or lacking gentility.

This would happen by mars being prominent or “excessive” in the horoscope. Since Mars classically rules Scorpio this is *one step* in that direction. Undignified Mars can make a person bold, physically strong, and not caring about gentility and tact.

Another factor that contributes is a lack in the things which could counterbalance these negative Mars traits, such as positive and strong Venus and Mercury. Venus is refined, cultured, and gentle. Mercury is very balanced and verbally expressive rather than physical.

So for example in a birth chart where Venus and Mercury are muted or damaged, yet Mars is prominent or excessive, you will get a person like the one you are talking about.

Can Mercury Make You Dishonest?

Mercury has a lot to do with how we figure out the world (intelligence), how it makes sense to us, and how we explain ourselves to the world (communication). Honesty is how true to “reality” I am, to myself (intelligence) and to others (communication). So, yes, Mercury can affect the nature of a person’s honesty.

Jupiter has a lot to do with it also, since honesty requires trust and faith – the subjects of Jupiter.

It really has to do with what other planets are influencing the planet in question. If you have Mercury influenced by Ketu (S.Node) and the Moon (an emotional, unsteady thing) and maybe some selfish passion from Mars – then yes, that Mercury can indicate a propensity towards tall tales, dishonesty etc. etc.