Q & A for Today: 2010 November 22


Is there life beyond Planet Earth?

A rendition of life on planet earth
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I believe there is life beyond planet earth in a certain sense… there are other “dimensions” of the universe which we can call “beyond earth” and which may reflect into this dimension as local or distant planets and stars. There is life in those dimensions, I believe. But if there is life elsewhere in this petty 3 dimensional universe we see with microscopes and telescopes… I am not sure. Perhaps not.

What’s a “Transit”?

“Transit” means to move. Similar words are “transportation,” “transition,” and words like that. The planets are moving against the stars all the time. You were born at a particular point in time. Your birth chart is a snapshot of the planets “transit” at the moment you were born.

When someone says something like, “Saturn transiting Mars” it means that the current motion of planet is affecting the spot Mars was in when a person was born. To clarify we have a term “natal” which means “pertaining to nativity” – or “pertaining to birth.” A plant’s position in your birth chart is it’s “natal” position. The position of the planet on any given day is its “transit position” – when the transit position of an astrological body interacts with the natal position of an astrological body – that is an event theoretically useful in making predictions.

So when someone says, “Saturn is transiting my Mars” it means that Saturn RIGHT NOW is in some position in the sky which causes it to interact with the place Mars occupied when that person was born.

What position would that be? It could be the SAME position (A “conjunction” by transit) or it could be in a position with an angle of sight to the natal position (An “aspect” by transit).

Hmmm… this may not have been crystal clear, but at least it is not oversimplified. I hope it makes sense for you. Thanks for the rather needed question.

What is a “Conjunction”? A “Trine”?

Conjunction means to (con)JOIN. When two objects come together they “conjoin.” We call them a “conjunction.” In some ways a conjunction occurs just by two bodies being in the same zodiac sign. But the physically closer to one another the two bodies are (by degree) the stronger the effect of the conjunction.

A trine is a type of “aspect.” An aspect is how one object affects another by having a “line of sight” to it. “Trine” comes from “triangle” as in “equilateral triangle.” An equilateral triangle has 120º for each point. When one planet is 120º from another they are exactly “trine” and can influence one another as a result of the “line of sight” afforded by that angle.

Here is an article I wrote that explains the idea of Aspects a little more patiently and thoroughly: https://vicdicara.wordpress.com/2010/07/0…

What is the “North Node”?

The north node is AWESOME and very important. Here is an article I wrote about the North Node. Rather than repeat myself I will just link you to it. I hope you don’t mind: http://vicdicara.com/planets_rahu.php

I would encourage you to go to the “articles” page and read about all the classical 9 planets to get a full picture of how the n.node fits in with the rest to generate the whole of the human experience!

What incompatible signs would be attracted to Capricorn?


An incompatible sign would not be attracted… but hear me out. Astrologically, a person is not a “sign” – each individual is a unique combination of 12 signs, 12 houses and 9 planets. So the placements of the planets of two people in relation to one another might strongly attract them to one another – in spite of the fact that their pop-astrology “sun sign” is not supposed to be compatible.

– Vic DiCara (Vraja Kishor das)