Q&A For Today: 2010, November 18


Capricorn Lovers

True or False: A Capricorn is not into you if he hasn’t contacted you in a week or over a week?

Generally if a person hasn’t contacted you in a week, regardless of the sign or astrology, he/she is not thinking about you, so you can conclude that he/she is “not into you.”

BUT of all the signs, a sign ruled by Saturn (Capricorn or Aquarius) has the most leeway in this. Why? Because Saturn spends lots of time by himself, is odd, and has an odd sense of privacy. So people influenced strongly by Saturn (as you could say is the case for persons with Asc. Moon or Sun in a sign of Saturn) will be more likely to withdraw from you for a stretch of time without necessarily meaning they are not thinking of you, or are not into you.

In general, it means the person is not into you – but with a Saturn person (like “a Capricorn”) there is a better than normal chance that this might not be true.

Mutual Reception

Is Mutual Reception between planets always beneficial?

I have Moon in Aries and Mars in Cancer – so the planets are in each others sign of rulership. Some sources say that this would improve the relationship between the two planets, while others say it will have either little effect or even a detrimental effect since the planets square each other.

Vedic astrology has a lot of interesting things to say about Mutual Receiption (called “parivartana yoga” in the original language, Sanskrit). According to these principles, Mutual reception is all about the HOUSES, much more than it is about the planets facilitating the mutual link between the houses. You interpret the effect of the mutual reception primarily based upon the two houses that are linking. They say there are two general categories of Mutual Exchange: “fortunate” and “unfortunate” – when “good” houses link with other “good” houses – or when “bad” houses link with other “bad” houses, we interpret the link between these houses with a “fortunate” or favorable slant. But when a “good” house links by mutual exchange with a “bad” house, we have to interpret the interlink between the two houses with an “unfortunate” or negative slant.
I have an article with more details somewhere… here it is: http://vicdicara.com/parivartana.php
I hope this is exciting and helpful for you!

Duh… Am I Smart?

If you have gemini moon are you smart?

The Moon is about the “mind” – but the mind is not about the ability to think fancy and well organized thoughts. The Mind is about what we like and dont like, desire and dont desire, want and dont want, love and hate – this is why the mind is the home of all emotions.

Mercury is the planet of the “intelligence” – so is more concerned with “smartness.”

The fifth house is even more important than mercury as far as the intelligence of a person goes.

Unnatural Births


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Does a cesarean section influence the natal chart?

Later this week I will be working on a natal chart for a child born of a cesarean section. I know there are many schools of thought in astrology that will argue the accuracy of the birth time data on both sides of the spectrum. I was wondering what others thought about this. Does the c-section interfere with the natural law, thereby not allowing for accurate astrological birth data, or do you believe that the outside influence is part of the cosmic plan for the child making the birth time indeed an accurate figure to work with?

I was taught, from Vedic teachers, that a child is astrologically “born” the moment he or she takes the first breath.
I was also informed that in very, very ancient, distant epochs, astrological charts were calculated from the time of conception, not the time of birth – using different rules – but that this science and its practicality is completely lost on the modern epoch. So we use a second-best system – birth-time.
No matter what, it is impossible to be perfectly accurate. It just isnt humanly possible in any science or practice or art. Work with your client and be useful, not perfect.
Answers by Vic DiCara (www.vicdicara.com)