Dasha & Transit Reading for a Funky Day

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Zeroing In

Jupiter Era

The native is in his Jupiter era, and was born with Capricorn rising and Jupiter in the 10th house. This means that Jupiter owns the 3rd and 12th house. Thus one expects very generally that issues regarding writing/communication (and other 3rd house topics) will be prominent, along with financial loss/ feelings of alienation / spiritual interests (and other 12th house topics) will both play very dominant roles throughout the 16 years of Jupiter’s era – especially as they impact his public role / visibility / and career.

Ketu Cycle

Into this context, place the native next in the Ketu subcycle within that Jupiter era. This began in July of this year and will continue till June of next. Ketu being a planet of sudden changes – combine this with what we deduced about regarding Jupiter, and come to the conclusion that the native will be having many sudden impulses to change career roles, end career commitments, etc. Will experience unusually strong compulsions based on alienation and dealing with the written word. And will have extremely strong spiritual/religious ignitions.


Now pay some head to the subcycles, current and recently transpired… The native was in Jupiter / Ketu / Ketu and Venus without much in the way of problems, but this was followed in succession by the subcycles of the Sun, Moon, and Mars – all of them are planets connected to the native’s seventh house. The first impulse is to think that the seventh house must refer to the spouse, but remember that this house concerns how we interact with other people in all ways – and thus includes business trade. Especially in the context of the era lord, Jupiter, who owns the house of financial loss, and occupies the house of career – it is wise to interpret subordinate references to the seventh house in light of this and thus highlight its connection to financial trade.

If you were wise enough to do so, you would be thinking that the period from mid September through today (and probably forward for another subcycle, more on that later) would be a period where financial trade would experience extreme loss. “Financial Trade” is an idea coming from the succession of subcycle planets connected to the seventh house. “Extreme” is an idea coming from the cycle planet being Ketu. “Loss” is an idea coming from the era planet being the lord of the house of loss.

You notice that today the native went into the Rahu subcycle – this finally breaks the connection to the seventh house, so perhaps the native can hope for a lessening of the financial roller coaster? However it catches our eye that his natal Rahu is in the 2nd house, the house of wealth. My best guess / “prediction” for the native during the Rahu subcycle (Nov 17 – July 7) is a continued roller coaster, but with less desperation and more of a feeling of turning losses into gains. I would not expect the full brunt of the current difficult karma to end for this man until the Ketu cycle is done, in June of next year, but I would suspect that the nadir of the difficulties has, marked by today in fact just passed.

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Down to the Day

So we come to today. And whenever we get very specific about things, coming to days, we need to look at the transits rather than rely on the cycles alone. The cycles however tell us a lot. For example, today the native switched into a subcycle of Rahu. Looking at this birth chart tells us that Rahu gives this person “a big mouth” (Rahu in the 2nd House). So today we might expect that the native would say something out of (and causing further) compulsions of alienation. (“compulsions” coming from the cycle lord Ketu, “Alienation” coming from the era lord owning the 12th house). Indeed by transit Rahu is in the house of loss, and perfectly trine the position of natal Ketu.

It was actually just slightly before the Rahu period began (by a few hours), just as Rahu was rising at the natives current location – that his big mouth got him into trouble. Perhaps the native’s birth time or location is just slightly amiss, or perhaps being accurate down to a few hours is quite good enough!

Native’s data: July 27, 1970 at 19:38 in Bay Shore, NY

Day under examination: November 17, 2010

– Vic DiCara