Why is Scorpio Sexy?

vintage "Scorpio" tea towel
Image by H is for Home via Flickr



Why do people say Scorpios are sexy?

I have yet to meet a sexy Scorpio. I’m not hating because I myself am a Scorpio.



People say that Scorpio is a sexy sign for a few reasons. Here are two that I think are the most interesting and important:


1) It is the 8th sign… so it is like the 8th house, which is the house containing the sex drive and mysterious charisma of an often sexual nature.


2) It belongs to the passionate Mars (sticking with classical astrology, here), yet is an emotional sign – being made from the water element. So there is emotional passion in the sign.


People are not signs. People are unique combinations of 12 signs and 9 planets in 12 houses. Even that is a simplification. Thats why you can meet someone who calls themselves a sign, “Scorpio” or whatever, but does not really exemplify the traits of that sign so well.