What Are Taurus Moon People Like?

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What are Taurus moon people like?

if you are one or know some. thanks.



It really depends a lot on what house the Taurus Moon occupies, and secondarily what conjunctions or aspects affect that Taurus Moon. Thirdly, some of the outcome relies on where the owner of Taurus, Venus, is.


A lot also depends on what part of Taurus – what lunar mansion within taurus, what degree, etc. 3º20′ – 16º40′ (sidereal) is a lunar mansion called Rohini which makes the mind and emotions very ample and CREATIVE.




I have Taurus Moon in the fifth house. I am sort of a pretty smart and creative person. Achem! 🙂 I know at least three others with this – all of us have a lot of power of concentration and are not dull at all.


I know one person with Taurus in Rohini in the first house very close to the ascendant. This person is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS beyond words, really that is putting it mildly!