Capricorns and Immaturity

Image by rosefirerising via Flickr


Can Capricorns be really immature if you know them well?

I got to know this Capricorn male well and I think he’s gotten too comfortable with me because he’s now really immature and acts awefully stupid which irritates me at times. He was more serious and calm at the beginning. It’s kinda cute but like ahhhhhhhhhhh drives me nuts. Might I add I’m a Leo.


Anyone of any sign can be immature, or mature. In fact even a single individual might be immature at one stage of his or her life, and quite mature at another. Astrologically, this is because “signs” are not “astrology” – they are one out of a few dozen important PARTS of astrology.

Immaturity can happen for a lot of different reasons, or pertaining to a lot of different areas. Generally Mercury can generate immaturity when it is not happy and healthy in the person’s chart. See Mercury is the planet that gives us a youthfulness, so if youthfulness is messed up – we never really grow up, and we are immature.

On the other end of the spectrum is Saturn. This planet is responsible for the opposite – it gives us agedness. So If Saturn is messed up in a horoscope the person will not age correctly, which promotes immaturity.

When both factors are there, it is a very strong inclination towards immaturity.

This sort of gives you an idea of how astrology really works, I hope – as well as some specific information about your question.

Also, just to talk about the sign itself, not the person: Capricorn belongs to Saturn. Saturn is the most strange and oddball of all the planets – being left far away from the others on his own most of the time. So Saturn is most distant on the surface, but the most strange when you finally get close.