Ascendent vs Moon vs Sun

The god Helios on his chariot
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Which would br more prominent in a person chart? Their moon sign or their sun sign?

Cause for me i feel the order would go more like, ascendent, moon and then sun.



You are right that the ascendant is the most important because it is the anchor of the whole chart. It is also the quickest moving astrological body – so it accounts for the most interpersonal differences between people born with the rest of the planets in more or less that places (born at the same day, for example, in the same place).


The next fastest is the Moon – and thus is the next most important anchor point when making sense of a horoscope or “reading a chart.”


Finally, the Sun.


Using all three together is something Vedic Astrology called “the wheel of good vision” – suggested as the best way to properly read a horoscope. Nonetheless it is difficult to master.