Venus better for Women? Mars Better for Men?

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Is Venus conjunct Asc better for women and Mars conjunct Asc better for men?


Venus in the first house, near the ascendant, or aspecting the ascendent or the first house will make people very sensually aware and refined. It can give talents with sensual expressions like arts. It can make them sensually attractive, “beautiful.”

Mars in the same configurations will make a person very adventurous, daring, exciting, independent and bold.

You could say it is “better” for women to be beautiful, etc. and for men to be bold and daring, etc. And in social settings which still have very traditional roots this might be very practically true. But personally I think it is an unnecessary value judgement.

PS – Ugliness / Beauty doesn’t come so much from the planets in the ascendant etc. but from the positive or negative CONDITIONS those planets are in. This might be something you need to study astrology pretty carefully for some time to really figure out how to read from a chart.