Origins of Astrology

The Golden Apsaras of the Rig Veda
Image by Stuck in Customs via Flickr



When did Astrology first come to?

The year it came out, i.e xxx b.c./a.d., it’s original origin, and how it was used.


Astrology is the first science of mankind – arising from the need to understand the passage of time for the sake of foretelling when it would be cold, when it would be hot, when to plant seeds, when to expect them to be harvestable, etc. etc. Observation of the movements in the heavens, primarily the Sun and Moon, made this possible.

There is no “date” on when this happened. It happened concurrently with human beings being human beings.

The oldest recordings of astrological significance may be found in Rg Veda, which is from several thousand years B.C.E – perhaps 3,000 B.C.E. However these descriptions are already extremely well developed, which clearly suggests that the science must have been existent and/or developing for a significant amount of time prior to that recording.