Communication and the Third House

The "On the other hand" selfportrait...
Image by dhammza via Flickr



Does the 3rd house in Astrology also affect how you think/communicate?

For example, I have Mercury in Cancer so I’m supposed to think & communicate like a Cancer, but I also have Scorpio in my 3rd house, so does that mean my thinking is also like a Scorpio?


The third house is where our innermost feelings try to become real. Physically, in the sky, the third house is to the East of the fourth, which is the deepest underground house. So the fourth is the deepest inner self, and the third is where the stuff in our deep self moves “East” trying to “rise” into “the sky” and thus become real.

So the third house is about ambitions, desires, drives… and it has to do with how we communicate our inner self to the real world.

The third house, in terms of physiognomy, is the shoulders, arms, and hands – which is what we write with – another connection to communication.

If Scorpio is your third house, then aspects coming to the cusp of scorpio, planets in scorpio, aspects to those planets, the location of Mars (scorpio’s caretaker), conjunctions to Mars, and aspects to Mars are all parts of the code that creates the influence on your third house.