Aloof Capricorns?

Art Deco Capricorn
Image by Atelier Teee via Flickr



Can capricorns act aloof sometimes, and even ‘disappear’ for periods of time when they are courting someone?


Its important to realize that Capricorn is a place in the zodiac that got developed by Saturn (“Saturn rules Capricorn.”) The more you understand Saturn the better you will understand the basic place that “Capricorn” people come from.

Saturn is aloof and detached and likes being left alone. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they do or don’t really like you. It just is what it is.

People are not signs, they are combinations of all 12 signs and all 9 planets in 12 houses. So each “Capricorn” person is very different. But hopefully this info about the sign capricorn itself will help you out.