Oppositions in Couples

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Why do Aries and Libra Repel?

Supposedly there’s a strong physical or emotional attraction and sex is intense and they compliment each other, but why do they repel each other all in the same? Are they like twins with the opposite personality?


It will help you figure this out, I think, if you first get clear that each person in the relationship is not “a sign”. Each person is a combination of the 12 signs in a particular unique fashion, represented as their “birth chart.”

That said, just talking about the signs themselves…

Aries is fire. Libra is air. Air and fire compliment one another, right? The fire burns brighter and the winds kick up higher!

Aires is cardinal and so is libra. Therefore there is some commonality as well. The signs have the same sort of idea of “destinations.” – what they want to go for and how they want to get there.

But Aries belongs to Mars and Libra to Venus – these two are antithetical. So there is some clash. But it is the type of clash which gives rise to saying like, “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” and that sort of thing. Like a candy too fattening to eat, but too delicious not to eat.

Despite the volatile nature of the combination (actually BECAUSE of it, in many ways) oppositions such as the Aries/Libra oppositon are the most desirable configurations in relationships/synastry.