Bad Fashion Sense?

Fashion Sense @ Bluewave


Which signs have a bad sense of fashion?

I think Scorpios, and Aquarius. Gosh me, and all the Scorpios I know, dress badly lol. And the Aquarius I know, dress unfashionable too.

What do you think?


People are unique combinations of signs and planets, speaking astrologically – so you dont really get very reliable insight about the world by trying to see people as just “signs.” Here is some interesting info about the fashion sense of the various planets: 

The Sun – likes to wear thick clothes, somewhat coarse.
The Moon – spotless clothes
Mercury – immaculate, well-tailored, dark clothes
Venus – naturally beautiful, undyed, unpretentious high-quality really nice clothes
Mars – well-worn clothes of utility that has seen lots of use
Jupiter – modest, simple, no-frills
Saturn – wierd. oddball stuff.
Rahu – rips, wild wierd
Ketu – weird, torn and repaired, self-made.