Who Fights First?

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Why are Leos quick to fight physically?

I’ve been around a lot of Leos and every last one I’ve seen get into a verbal fight they always hit first. The other ones I’ve been around will argue with you for a long time, making it seem like they’re nothing but talk, but will never back down from a physical altercation. What makes them this way and why are majority of them physically strong? Oh yes, and they do win and it’s so hard to calm them down once they get pumped up.

They’re always talking about peace and love, but the first to throw a punch.



I disagree that Leos are the first to fight. I have been in the punk scene for much of my life and have seen more than the average share of fights and know a lot of people who love fighting, though I myself hate it passionately.


It is the condition of MARS in the person’s horoscope which is the most important thing that will decide if they will resort to violence easily. People with Mars as the most dominant planet get mad fast, are fearless, and easily flip into a violent mode before it is really necessary.


SOMETIMES, if a prominent mars has very good aspects/conjunctions from benefic planets, especially Jupiter, the person will use their Martial qualities very wisely and not be like that. In other cases, if a prominent Mars gets aspects / conjunctions from malefic and compulsive planets like Saturn and Rahu/Ketu (the nodes) it is pretty ugly.


As I said, I am very noticeably non-violent and non-fighting. I have a very prominent mars, but it is debilitated, combust, and in a fairly strong mutual alignment with Jupiter.