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What sign represent journeys or short journeys!?



Primarily look at houses, not signs…


House 3 is a short journey around the neighborhood or town

House 4 is about staying inside, staying home

House 7 is a lifelong destination

House 9 is the long journeys, and particularly those that are pleasant and beneficial

House 10 is about leaving home and moving away

House 12 is about residing in strange or challenging places, like foreign countries (or prisons, hospitals, ashramas, etc.)


The signs are the houses of the stars themselves, so by some correlation you can match what I said about the houses above to the corresponding houses, but pay attention to the houses first, and use the related signs as a secondary confirmation of what you find in the normal houses.


Sign 3 – Gemini

4 – Cancer

7 – Libra

9 – Sagittarius

10 – Capricorn

12 – Pisces


Signs can be used yet another way – by considering that fixed signs do not like to leave on journeys. Cardinal signs like to travel to specific destinations. Dual signs like to wander.


Enjoy mixing and matching the above info! =)