How Did Horoscopes Start

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How did horoscopes start?

How do people find horoscopes? I mean like I know people get it from others but who started it. How did they know what the horoscopes were?



Astrology began because human beings needed to mark the passage of time. We needed to know when it was going to get cold, when it was going to get hot, etc. And we needed to know ahead of time, so we could prepare for it.


Humans figured out how to “tell time” by watching the way the planets, sun and moon moved against the background of the stars in the sky. Whenever the Sun was in “libra” for example, it started to get cold. Whenever the Sun was in “Aries” it started to warm up again. And we used the moon phases to mark the days of the month (that’s why its called a “month”), and thereby to come up with 12 months / sections of the sky / “zodiac signs”


The idea of being able to predict the future was perhaps an extension of the idea that the movement of the stars did predict the seasons accurately and reliably.


That would be a sort of anthropological explanation of it, I suppose.


A more spiritual explanation is that the being(s) who put the universe together did it in such a way that its inhabitants could get helpful information by observing it carefully, and they therefore developed the science of astrology – which would allow humans to understand how the universe was delivering their destiny / karma by observing the movements of the stars – and they handed this science down through the universal generations since time immemorial.


This is a sort of “Vedic” or “Hindu” explanation of the origin of astrology.


Personally I guess I sort of hold both of them simultaneously and don’t really see them in a contradictory way.