Parenting in the Birth Chart

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What in astrology tells what someone would be like as a parent? The fifth house?


I disagree that the 5th house tells how you will parent. I think this is a misunderstanding of what the 5th house is. However the 5th house DOES tell what your children will be like, from your point of view, so perhaps its not too incorrect to say that it has to do with “parenting” since it tells how you interact with your children / and people in the role of your children like students and dependents.

I think the 4th house tells more about what sort of mothering role you play. For example a debilitated first lord, Saturn, in the 4th house tells that mothering is extremely important to the person, but they lack patience and steadiness in how they nurture. Yet the act of nurturing is extremely dear to the person.

I think the 10th house tells what sort of fathering role you play. For example Jupiter in the 10th house shows that the person likes to be a philosophical and moral guide to the children, and help them grow on their own.

Birth charts are like combination locks, you need more than one number to line up before the lock opens. So in addition you look of course to the rulers of the houses 4, 10 and 5. And also look at the planets Moon (mothering/nurturing), Sun (fathering/guiding) and Mercury (children).