Doubts and Problems with Astrology

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I have been having problems with astrology for a while. I believe that it’s archetypes are more stereotypes. Furthermore, I feel that it doesn’t match my personality or many other people’s personalities at all.

I was born on the 18th December, 1990. My sun is in Sagittarius and being constantly told that I am this gawky, shallow, overly extroverted, overly religious, super-sportsy, clownish moron makes me feel both very misunderstood and very resentful.

I am very introverted. I live more in my private mental realm than in public. I hate sports. I was never popular, always the maladjusted outcast by play-mates until I learned to charm them with cheap jokes. I was never big on humor until I was 14. I was too serious as a child. I was always an atheist all my life though I am compassionate and understanding to the religious. And generally my moods are negative rather than positive. It’s true that I am idealistic and optimistic but those confident feelings are fueled by determination and skill. I know I can do something because I know how to do it and know that I will find a way to overcome any task.

What is most infuriating is how I am told that the only thing I want from life is fun and enjoyment and that I am neither a serious nor profound person. Depth and seriousness are things I’ve always liked since my earliest days. In fact, the main reason I spend time mostly alone and not with friends is precisely because I rejected and hated the shallow high school life of popularity and dating. To be told that I lack depth and seriousness is the biggest insult you can give me.

I find this dis-harmony true not only to myself but to other Sagittarians. Out of the, let’s say, 14 Sagittarians I have known throughout my life (excluding myself), only 3 fit well-enough into the stereotype. The 11 left are smart, kind, and deep. I know other people’s testimonials are different and more fitting in the mold, but mine counters it. If anything, they’re a lot like Scorpios, and Aquarians

I heard that the zodiac signs have actually moved and that the zodiac astrologers use has been out of place for 2000 years. Plus, they say there is a 13th zodiac sign around my birth date (Nov. 29/ 30-Dec.17/18 I believe).

If there is anyone else out there, Sagittarius or not, who also feels frustrated, please share your opinions. I think it’s high time I finally ditched astrology, not just mentally but emotionally as well, and never see it again.




If it is right for you to ditch it, then go for it. But that is not the only option for you. You would be throwing out the “baby with the bathwater.” You want to throw out shallow sign-oriented astrology based on a misaligned zodiac and not even knowing the difference between an astronomical constellation and an astrological sign. Great. Throw that out. Know that what you are throwing out is the dirty water of what astrology has degraded into.

You might want to embrace or seek the original form of astrology, the “baby in the bathwater.” This is individualized to each person and very ancient and thorough. If you would like you could start with the articles I have written, though of course I am not presumptuous to say that I am the only place you can find such astrology.

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