Books for a Skeptic

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What would be the best astrology books for a skeptic to read?

A skeptic wants to look at the pro side of astrology. Please name some books on this subject that would provide a solid basis of what is shown in a chart? I’m working on the angle that a skeptic should be equally informed on both sides of the subject.



There is a difference between a skeptic and an opponent. An opponent, like many people who have a nearly religious mission to answer questions in the horoscopes section, will not take the time to read anything or seriously consider any cases to the contrary of his or her opposing opinion of astrology. But a skeptic is an undecided person.

There are not that many books that do a great job. I think the best would be a book that demonstrated a lot of practical examples of charts and their visible outcomes using very consistent logic as simple and steady as possible. Perhaps my 2nd and 3rd books!? =) But you should also start with my 1st so you know what is going on in the 2nd and 3rd!

Here is a link to my books: