Who Cares?

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Which zodiac has a hard time caring?



Different people for different reasons.

Aries would have problems because they care too much about their own stuff.

Taurus tends to care a lot, but has problems caring about stuff that isnt practical.

Gemini cares about everything till the moment it becomes boring, then they have a hard time

Cancer cares so much, but is really worried about letting you know.

Leo cares a lot about how it affects him or her. If it doesnt affect him or her, caring aint easy

Virgo tends to care a lot, but sort of overdoes it, and also doesnt really care about “impractical” things

Libra cares, but has a hard time caring about smaller things

Scorpio cares, but in a way that “you wouldn’t understand, and I don’t care if you don’t to be honest.”

Sagittarius cares about learning the thing, not always about the thing itself.

Capricorn doesn’t care much… they have too much work to do already, they already care too much.

Aquarius cares, but in an etherial way.

Pisces cares deeply, so deeply that it is often too confusing to show properly to others.

– I am talking about SIGNS, not about people. People are combinations of the 12 signs in unique formulas.


– Vic DiCara