Palm Reading?

The Fortune Teller by Caravaggio.
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If you believe in astrology, do you believe in palm reading?



“Believing” in something is different, for me at least, than expecting it to always have to work all the time. For example, I believe in the ability of meteorology, theoretically, to be able to predict the weather, but it doesn’t mean that I expect the weather forecast to always be right.

My belief in astrology is similar. I practice it regularly, astrology. I can see that there is deep, undeniable substance to it, but still it is not possible to always get it to work right. I see this as the limitation of myself or my client maybe, not the basis science itself. In the same way when meteorology gets something wrong I dont think that the science is fundamentally useless, just that we have a lot to learn still about how to do it better and better.

Similarly, I “believe” that the lines in my palm are clues to the types of karma that I am due to experience in my current lifetime. Not sure that I or anyone can really read those lines tremendously accurately, but still, I believe in it theoretically.


– Vic DiCara