Knowing My Past Lives

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How to read past lives in detail in (Vedic) Astrology?

In general I’m really interested in Astrology especially the South Indian and North Indian System. I study books about them and read often about the subjects in the net. I really really desire and seek for more information.about past lives? How can one read his or her birth chart about past lives or life. Is there a special chart for Past Life other than Natal Rasi and Navamsa? Please, please enlighten me on the subject matter. Thank you my friends. Namaste!!!



If you want to see the past life you must be a Rishi (a great mystic sage). Do you have that qualification? Are you willing to perform tapasya (austerity and sacrifice) like a Rishi? If not, you can not expect to read a book or two or ten and ask a few questions and suddenly be given access to accurate knowledge of the past and future lifetimes.

The entire chart is about the past life. Anyone who says differently, frankly maybe has not thought very deeply about what a horoscope really is in the first place. It is a document of your Karma. Where has your karma come from? Your past lives. Therefore the entire thing is a document of your past lives. To say that only certain parts of the horoscpe are about past lives is a bit silly in some ways.

Still there are some things that are VERY connected to past live. Any house that is underground, especially the most underground house, the fourth, deals with the past. The three konas are said to be past present and future – so that the 5th is the past, the 1st is the present and the 9th is the future. Of all the planets Ketu is the most connected to the past. But all that being said, do not forget that the whole chart is about the past life. And above all do not forget that no amount of academic knowledge of astrology will help you read into the past and future if God and the Gods do not favor you as a result of the sincerity you exhibit in your daily deeds.

– Vic DiCara