Capricorn & Gemini in a Relationship

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How can u make a relationship with a capricorn and gemini work?

Im a capricorn woman and im in a relationship with a gemini man i jus wnt to kno are there any other couples out there in the same situation one big thing thats hard for me to deal with is there mood swings and i know there the twin sign bt how do u deal with it and still have a good relationship……….




I am Capricorn (rising) and my wife (of 13 years) is Gemini (rising).

Maybe some things are not easy because we are so different in the practical details of how we naturally live and organize our day to day lives (because these are the signs or our practical ascendants). But that becomes part of the very rewarding fun of the relationship – learning to blend with another person and learning to see life from a vantage point very different from the one I started out with before I married that lovely lady.

Other factors in our charts, besides our ascendants, are nicely aligned – so it is easy to draw the strength from those good alignments to deal with circumstances when the “misalignment” of our ascending signs feels weird or difficult.

No relationship, even with the perfect alignments, can work without love. And with love any relationship, even the most misaligned, can work wonderfully. It is just that when there is misalignment there are challenges to the easy expression and communication of love. Love which faces challenges, however, becomes far superior to love that has a life on easy street!


– Vic DiCara