Importance of Electional Astrology

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If you do something at the right time (on an “auspicious date”) the effect will be far far better than if you do something at the wrong time, on an “inauspicious date.”

The bad effects of an inauspicious date depend on the exact nature of what is inauspicious about the date. But in general, lets say you have karma that enables you to win 40 million pounds in poker. If you play poker on the auspicious day you can win 40 million pounds and that money will go to good use and make you happy now and in the future. If you play poker on an inauspicious day you may win 40 million pounds or perhaps less, and the money will become a source of trouble to you. So for marriage… marriage done on an inauspicious date makes it much harder if not impossible to realize the positive karmic potentials one may have had with that marriage, and can make even good things about the marriage ultimately be the cause of grief. Conversely, if you marry on a very auspicious date, whatever negative marriage karmas you have as an individual get minimized, and even the difficulties and hardships you might encounter in the marriage turn out to be a source of great fortune and happiness for you and even for the relationship.

– Vic DiCara