The Future of America and the Globe


A very pious Indian gentleman donated to me and requested I write an astrology article by which the general population of the world might benefit. Please bless this man with you heartfelt good will as you read this article. I considered what article to write and decided that the global economy, currently based largely on the condition of America, is very important to the immediate practical wellbeing of the general population.

America’s Horoscope

We know that America was founded on the fourth of July in 1776, in the city of Philadelphia, PA. We don’t know the exact birth time, but an astrologer named James Kelleher did good work narrowing it down to the late afternoon around 6 – 6:30pm. I personally use 5:57pm for my calculation.

As you may already know, I use the sidereal zodiac, Lahiri Ayanamsa. And the nakshatra-year for calculating planetary cycles (359 modern “days”).

Quick Overview

Sagittarius Rises, showing ambitious expansion – particularly since the navamsha of Aries is rising in Sagittarius. This is within the nakshatra of Moola, in Gandanta – showing that the country plays a crucial, pivotal role in world history.

Saturn is in the 10th house with phenomenal true dignity (16 out of 20) – showing that the country rises from grass roots / common men / democracy to become extremely powerful in the world. The exalted Sun in Navamsha aries rising also shows this.

Four planets in the seventh house show that the nation has unbalanced exchanges and trade with the rest of the world, although not outright malicious its good intentions (Venus and Jupiter) are flanked on either side by malefic and military forces (Mars and Sun) – showing that ultimately despite wanting to appear as helpful for other nations, America is self-motivated (which is not condemnable for a nation, after all) and resorts to military power to get what it wants “in the best interest of the world.” Ketu in the second shows that diplomatic skills are poor. Moon in the third shows ambition is the key trademark of the nature – and that it is a nation of sense gratification – especially since Rahu is in the 8th house, which belongs to the Moon.


To better understand the future for america lets look briefly at a few past events. I am particularly interested in the economic situation of America (When I moved to Japan I could get almost 100 yen for a dollar, today, just a year and a half later, I can only get 80!) so I will look at events of financial importance.

Brief Financial History of America

From 1865-1900 is called “The Gilded Age” – in which America made itself into a solid world-class economic power.

The 1920s, the “Roaring Twenties” was an economic bubble of extreme growth which burst with the stock market crash in October of 1929. This occurred on “Black Tuesday” (October 29, 1929).

The Great Depression ensued from 1929-1941. Generally the winter of 1932 is considered the lowest point of the depression.

World War Two ended this era, 1941-1945, followed by economic prosperity until 1973. A severe recession occured in July of 1981 until November of 1982.

This was followed by a recovery with questionable inner stability. During 2001-2007 a tremendous boom in the housing market existed, but in 2008 everything went wrong and the United States began another plunge into recession.

Guilded Age

This began during the Venus cycle in the 120 system (vimshottari) and the Venus cycle of the kottara sama dasha system (another cycle system that is applicable to the specific chart of the United States). With these two Venus cycles starting in concert, the United States began her first era of very significant prosperity. (Venus is the lord of the house of profit [11] and occupies the house of trade [7] in a wealth alignment (dhana-yoga) with Jupiter).

Great Depression

The great depression ended this prosperity in October of 1929. This occurred when the United States went in the Saturn cycle (vimshottari), and exactly when the Saturn cycle in the kottara sama dasha cycle started (it started exactly on October 18, 1929). Thus when the great benefic Venus had her cycles coinciding in both timing systems, prosperity began. Yet when the great malefic Saturn had its cycles coinciding in both timing systems, prosperity ended. (Saturn owns the house of wealth with the sudden malefic Ketu as an occupant. It also owns the house of ambition with the lord of confusion as an occupant).

One should note that this coincidence of both Saturn cycles began in tandem with Saturn being exactly in transit of the cusp of the first house.

1980’s Recession

The next period of financial instability occured when the USA was in her Venus era (Vimshottari) and entered the Rahu era of the Kottari Sama system. This occurred when Venus also combined with Rahu in the Vimshottari system itself, for it was the Rahu cycle within the Venus era.

Around mid-May of 1977 was an particularly grave karmic/astrological catalyst because Rahu was in Libra, exactly in transit of the cusp of the US house of profit. At the same time Saturn was exactly in transit of the US Rahu in Cancer, the 8th house for the USA. Jupiter at this time was in the house of debit [6] and aspecting the US’ second house Ketu – the indicator of financial instability.

We did not get a break from this crisis until the beginning of 1984, January. When Jupiter had finally entered Sagittarius and was in transit of the US’ first house cusp, while Saturn had gone into exaltation in Libra and Rahu had moved out of the way of the financial houses and into the house of debt (the US “dug itself out of the recession by “Reganomics” which really just shifted everything by smoke, mirrors and slight of hand into the national debt – Rahu in the house of debt.)

This relief also coincided with the US getting out of Rahu’s cycle in the Kottara Sama system.

Modern Crash

The modern financial crash began when the United States just entered the Venus era in Kottara Sama system. It now seems apparent that Venus is extremely important in timing major financial events for the US. This is natural since she owns the US’ house of debt [6] and the house of profit [11] and occupies the house of trade [7] in a combination with Jupiter that causes both a wealth alignment (dhana-yoga – 11th lord combining with the first lord) and a poverty alignment (dainya-yoga – 6th lord combining with the first).

In Vimshottari the US was in the Saturn cycle of her Mars era. We have the coincidence here of Mars as the Vimshottari era lord and Venus as the Kottara Sama era lord. Venus is the lord of profit [11th house] and Mars the lord of loss/expense [12th house] – conversely Venus is the lord of debt [6] and Mars the lord of speculation and gamble [5]. Thus when the two cycles aligned the US experienced loss of profit due to the debt incurred by excessive financial speculation and risk-taking.

Thus occurred when Rahu was in Aquarius, thus transiting the US house of speculation and risk taking, and Jupiter (lagnesh) was in Scorpio, the US house of loss. Saturn was in Leo on the very cusp of the US house of fortune.

The Future

One thought is that the situation will not improve till these is a major change in one of the cycle systems. This would occur first in May of 2013 when the Kottara Sama system will switch out of the Venus era and into the Rahu era.

Similarly we have, in February of 2012 (on Valentine’s day, curiously), the Vimshottari cycle switching from Mars to… Rahu.

This means that between May 2013 through March 2022 the United States will be in the Rahu cycle in both her Vimshottari and Kottara Sama rhythms. This does not sound good to me.

When this begins, in May of 2013, Rahu will be with exalted Saturn in Libra – the US’ house of profit. Considering the movements of Saturn, and all things I can see, I am prepared to give some practical advice.

My Practical Advice to People of the World w/ Economic Concerns

The United States will not recover from this economic crisis. Period.

There will not even be a period of substantial stabilization in the US economy until 2013. Between now and then there will only be a steady decline in the US economy.

My advice therefore is to withdraw all your assets from the US market and the US dollar and transfer them elsewhere. While your US money is still worth something, get it into a real form and perhaps invest it elsewhere, somewhere not too directly impacted by US and Western economics. If you live in the US, do so wisely, be prudent, and prepare intelligently for a “long winter” lasting at least till after the so-called “2012” date.

Your servant,

Vic DiCara

(Vraja Kishor das)