Madhumangal on Astrology

Madhumangal is a divine being, the eternal friend and practical advisor to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vrajendra Nandana Sri Krsna. I came across this passage where Madhumangal speaks about astrology in a book called Ananda Vrindavana Champu written by the enlightened Kavi Karnapur.

Wanting to help Krsna and the Gopis headed by Sri Radha enjoy their loving play together, Madhumangal set out one day on his own to wander through the villiage. Since he is a Brahmana (a scholar-priest) the older women quickly approached him and asked him if he knew astrology. He replied in the affirmative and they requested him to help him with their problem. He first established what they would have to give him in return (lots of cows) and then went on to give them a “reading.” When describing astrology Madhumangal said this:

“Astrology shines with great power and influence. By studying  as­trology one can know the good and bad events of the past, and also predict the auspicious and inauspicious things that will happen now and  in the future. Knowing this, one can worship the appropriate divinities associated with those events to both mitigate the inauspicious things and amplify the auspicious things destined to happen. Thus through astrology one essentially obtains the power to cause or prevent things from happening. Learned astrologers can make the impossible  possible, and turn the  possible into the impossible.

– Vic DiCara