60 Page reading for $19 – November Special

November Special

Over 60 Pages of information about your Vedic Horoscope, for just $19!

This report includes a description of your “Vedic Signs” (the signs and lunar mansions for your Ascendant and Moon), as well as a very detailed write up of all the planetary placements in your chart, and an overview of all the interplanetary alignments (“Yogas”), as well as a technical detail of your Birth Chart and an accurate calculation of all the astrological cycles in your life (“Vimshottari Dasha”). An amazing wealth of information for just $19!


This sample is prepared for my horoscope. Yours, of course, I will do for your horoscope.


Vedic Signs


Planetary Placements


Core Yogas




Life Cycles

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– Vic DiCara



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  1. Ravi says:

    Wow, is this for real??? yesss, I’m in!


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