Upcoming Month for Self-Realization


The next time you see the full moon, about 7 days from now which is October 22 or 23 depending on what side of the date line you’re on, it is a great big round, beautiful silver marker in the sky telling you that a very important month is about to begin. From the next day through till the next full moon a month later, it is a month called “Kartik” (named for the lunar mansion of the Moon’s exaltation, Krittika).

It is about a month later than normal this year, because the lunar calendar had a “leap month.”

There is a section in the Padma Purana (an ancient Sanskrit scripture) called “Glories of Kartika.” Similar reference to the spiritual power of this month are found in Vishnu Purana, Bhavishya Purana and other puranas as well. These described that the god who maintains and sustains all things in the material world wakes from his four month “nap” on the 11th lunar day of this month. The month is therefore extremely auspicious. It is also recorded in Bhagavat Purana that Sri Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead performed the famouse Damodara Lila during this month.

So, any vow you take up during this effect will have thousands of times the effect of a vow taken up during any other month. In particular the eleventh and twelfth lunar days are very powerful, as is the final week of the month.

As for vows here are some suggestions:

  • Diet – Vegeterian
  • Diet – if already Vegetarian take an additional step, like no dairy or no sweets or no cooked food, etc.
  • Hearing – read spiritual books, or attend the recitals of spiritual books or lectures on spiritual topics
  • Chanting – chant more repetitions of you mantra and improve your focus on it. In particular chant the kartika/damodar mantra: hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare. hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare.
  • Chanting – sing as a “bhajan” the damodar-ashthakam from Padma Purana.

If you are on the Asian side of the date line, here are the important dates:

  • October 24 – Kartik Month Starts
  • November 2 – 11th Lunar Day (Ekadashi), Vishnu wakes
  • November 17th – 11th Lunar Day (in the waning moon phase), begins the most auspicious final five days of the month.
  • November 21st – Last day of the Month.

If you are in Europe or America shift all the dates one day earlier. The exact timing is not as important as the devotion you put into observing some special spiritual effort during this month.

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After this month is complete I will return in some capacity to doing active readings, etc. with renewed spiritual strength.

See you then!

– Vic DiCara

(Vraja Kishor das)