I’m Not Dead, Just Resting


A quick “PS” to my previous post about going on “Sabbatical”:


It seems that most people misinterpreted it to mean that I am dropping off the face of the Earth, and will no longer do astrology, readings or classes. That is not true. I am taking a rest, a pause so that I can concentrate on a few other endeavors. I am not sure how long the pause will last, but I suspect that by December I will start offering some classes and some form of readings again.


Sorry for not being clear in the previous message. To clarify once more: I am taking an extended pause, not going away for good. I hope to be back in action in at least some capacity as we get closer to December.




  1. Praveen says:

    🙂 I was just thinking whether you will have time and interest for general/monthly forecasts for 12 signs and impact of current planetary positions and transits…if interested, may be u can take a poll from ur followers and decide. I am in and ok to make the first donation whatever I can afford.


  2. aspicco says:

    Somebody poke him with a stick. See if he’s still breathing!


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