On Sabbatical

Dear Friends,

I cannot sufficiently express my thanks for your taking part in my journey to better understand the self and the world through the wondrous vehicle of astrology. For the past three years I tried to give astrological readings and classes to people as my full time occupation. In the end, this proved too emotionally, psychically and financially draining for me. I am therefore taking a sabbatical (a pause) from readings and instruction, of undetermined length.

Of course, I will finish the courses for my current students, and the readings for my current retainers.

I now turn my attention more directly towards bhakti-yoga, particularly in creating devotional music (kirtan) and contributing to the library of bhakti literature by writing books about the divine realizations of my disciplic line of teachers. I will also now concentrate on earning a humble but steady livelihood as an independent English teacher here in Japan.

I beg for the donation of your good will, blessings and prayers for these endeavors, and for your forgiveness of any problems caused to you by my withdrawing from the active practice of astrology.

My textbooks will remain for sale, my videos and articles on astrology freely available. Please see www.vicdicara.com for these.

With extreme gratitude,

Vic DiCara (Vraja Kishor das)



  1. Anna says:

    What can I say?…..Take your time, man….Vedic Lirerature shall become beneficiated…
    I have some books of Swami Bhaktivedanta Prabhupad and in touch with prabhus in the Ashram of Barcelona.
    Also, I am inside Tibetan Bhudism.

    Srimad Bhagavatam-Bhagavat-Gita……
    Now I am very interested in UPANISHADS: More ancient than the Puranas.

    Meanwhile I will buy your books and study…..waiting your return as Astrologer!
    And in touch!!!!


    1. vicdicara says:

      Thanks Anna.

      Upanishads are not categorically more ancient than Puranas. The oldest upanishads are older than the oldest Puranas – but Vedic literature is alive and growing all the time. I personally prefer the newer works to the older ones because they represent evolution.


      1. Anna says:

        I agree with you. My idea of ALL WRITTEN PAST “FACTS” is connected with past YUGAS and the records our humani MIND is searching in those past events, just to see more clear
        about our situation now in this planet with a wide view. Also our HEART in his depth has MEMORY: I don’t forget is Kali Yuga growing!! Kali killer ignorance.?..anyway centuries over centuries mix many and is a labour disentangle the threads…

        When in my heart I have the insight that -“something-is-not-finish”- in any matter, I know that
        someday-somewhere I will see clear on it. Meanwhile is like a deaf sound inside.

        I found a book ,I want you to know,about a serious searcher through arqueological matters,writings in stone,sculptures….that gave a lot of light to me about the coming and going of “Gods” in our Solar System. I’m very scare in all this kind of staff, but this one catch my attention. ZECHARIA SITCHIN: “THE 12th PLANET” in Spain edited by -Heptada Ediciones,S.A. It gave me a more Cosmic Vision of everything and a calmness, because I could start understanding many many facts: from Bible, from Indian Gods, from past diluvian flows…and all of them talk to me of prior Yugas and the coming ones!!!
        God Bless You and Yunika!!!!

        , stone writings,


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