Periods of Mental Depression


Saturn is perfectly trine to my Moon. Saturn’s influence on the Moon generally implies constriction of emotion, desire and mental depression. In my case Saturn is the debilitated resident of the house of emotion and contentment. Therefore his transits to my Moon are particularly capable of causing grief, detachment, depression, discontent, and a feeling of insurmountable limitations.

The lord of my current era (dasha) is Jupiter, who right now is under transit from Mars. Generically this implies some passion for morality, religion and philosophy. In my specific case Mars is the lord of the fourth house (emotions and contentment), as well as the lord of my eleventh house of benefit and enjoyment. In my chart he is prominently debilitated and combust. So his nature is to significantly destroy ambitions and passions to enjoy a happy and content private and social life. His transit of my era lord, Jupiter, brings these karmas to the fore while it is in effect.

Looking ahead something major seems to happen on the 21st of this month as Mars will put a perfect 8th house aspect to my Moon at the same time that Saturn remains in trine with her. This will persist till the 25th. My hope is that Mars coming out of conjunction with the transit lord will be more beneficial than the negativity of his coming into alignment with the Moon. He will come out of alignment on the 16th I am hoping for an improvement in my inner happiness in connection with that event, though I recognize that it will be offset again somewhat when the Mars alignment to the Moon occurs the 21st through 25th. Saturn breaks alignment with the Moon on the 28th. I am looking forward to that as the end of my gloomy period.

– Vic DiCara
© 2010 Vic DiCara, All Rights Reserved


  1. Katey says:

    What about rahu transiting the moon? Would it have a similar effect as saturn?


    1. vicdicara says:

      Generically, Rahu transiting the Moon would have a very different effect than Saturn. Rahu is more unsettling, scattering, inspiring, compelling. Saturn is more restricting. That is the general indication. The specific cases of an individual’s chart can make Rahu behave more like Saturn for them, and in those specific charts, the answer would be yes – Rahu in those charts would have a similar effect when transiting the Moon.


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