Election of Barack Obama

Barack Obama, August 4, 1961 at 19:24 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Vimshottari dasha eras and cycles calculated using the correct nakshatra year length of 359.017 days.

Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States of America on the 4th of November 2008.

At the time, he was in his Jupiter era. Let us take a moment or two to look at Jupiter in his chart. As you can see, Jupiter is debilitated in his first house. This underscores the fundamental principle that debilitated planets are not “weak.” This man became the President of the United States during the Era of a planet who is debilitated in the first house of his chart!

You may notice that Saturn is the phenomenally powerful planet in this chart. Its true dignity is as high as 19 out of 20, that is almost as exalted a dignity as possible for a planet to attain. Its strength is also excessive, being at 162% of normal. This unusually strong and extremely beneficial Saturn sits in the first house of Obama’s chart in a very profound raja-yoga (Power and Fame Combination) with Mercury. This particular alignment is so profound because (a) it is formed by a very exact mutual aspect between Saturn and Mercury, (b) it also forms a raja-yoga when the chart is reckoned from the viewpoint of the Moon, and (c) it is a raja-yoga formed by very powerful houses – the first and ninth – and focusing on the lord of the first house in the first house.

Jupiter associates with this magnificent Saturn in the first house and thus benefits greatly from the opulence and power Saturn possesses. It is a general principle in many classical texts that planets who are conjoined with or aspected by powerful and good planets give the powerful and good results of those planets during their eras much more so than do the powerful planets themselves. Thus one can expect Obama’s Jupiter era to be very powerful, while the Saturn era may very likely be relatively ordinary by comparison.

It was therefore in his Jupiter era that Obama became a major leader of an extremely significant nation.

Barack Obama was elected president during the Mars cycle of his Jupiter era. Mars is the next more beneficially inclined planet in Obama’s chart, according to the classical method of interpreting true dignity, the “Vimshopaka” system. The combination of Mars with Jupiter in this era of his life allowed Barack Obama the ambition, willpower, determination, and fighting spirit required to win a presidential election.

The election occurred during the Saturn subcycle of the Mars cycle of Obama’s Jupiter era. This ensured that Obama’s magnificently powerful Saturn could exert full influence on the outcome.

November 4th, 2008 had Saturn positioned at 25º of Leo. This is exactly the degree of Obama’s ascendent and therefore exactly the cusp of the eighth house. Jupiter was positioned at 23º of Sagittarius, which is very nearly the exact cusp of the houses as well. Mars too was at 27º of Libra, again nearly the exact cusp.

Thus the lord of the era, cycle and subcycle – all three – were within 2º of the most sensitive and receptive degrees in Obama’s chart. This means (a) that they could each independently exert tremendous influence on the houses they occupy and aspect, and (b) that they would be aspecting one another.

Saturn, the main source of outstanding karmic power for Mr. Obama, was powerfully aspecting the cusp of the 10th house, which is his exaltation sign, Libra. In so doing he was also aspecting Mars who was situated within just 2º of that cusp. Saturn was also forming a mild trine with Jupiter, which means that Jupiter was powerfully aspecting Saturn, since Jupiter has a 100% effective aspect to his trines. So all three of the timeline lords were working very closely together on this day.

Saturn’s aspect to Mars on the 10th House cusp is the main thing indicating victory and election to the highest post.

The next most important factor indicating successful election as the president of the United States is that the lord of the 10th House, Venus is exactly on the cusp of Obama’s eleventh house, Scorpio. Meanwhile the lord of the eleventh house is exactly on the cusp of Obama’s tenth house, Libra. This means that there is a house exchange between the house of gains and the house of career – a house exchange in which both lords are exactly on the cusps of their respective houses. It could not be a more powerful combination between career and gains. Therefore on this day Obama secured an extreme gain to his political career.

– Vic DiCara
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