Trading Readings for Instruments!

Dear Friends,

I am more than willing to trade astrological readings and services for musical instruments. The following is a list of what I need.

  • Khol treble
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    Harmoniums – preferred are simple ones, sturdy ones, small ones – two octaves. But any that you can trade I will be interested in.

  • Mrdangakhol (clay, bengali-type) are vastly, vastly preferred over dhol (wooden, southern type). No interest at all in fiberglass, rubber, plastic or anything like that.
  • Whompers – these are the big karatala with the big semi-globe in the middle of each.

Above are my primary interest list, here are my secondary interests:

  • Vina
  • Shruti
  • Svarmandala
  • Tambura
  • Anything from india that jingles sweetly, like dancing bells and stuff.

Please contact me by email ( and let me know what you have, or what you can get (if you live in India). I need the instruments shipped to Southern Japan. I will trade astrological readings and service very generously in exchange.


Vic DiCara / Vraja Kishor das

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