Natural Eras of Your Life


Every human being, regardless of their horoscope, goes through the same sequence of natural development. These natural eras in human life (“naisargika dasha”) are the same for everyone:

Birth – 1 year: The Moon

1 – 3 years: Mars

3 – 12 years: Mercury

12 – 32 years: Venus

32 – 50 years: Jupiter

50 – 70 years: Sun

70 – 120 years: Saturn

When humans are born, the first thing we do is rapidly build the power of concentration and awareness in our minds. Thus the first year of human life is governed by the Moon.

The next thing that happens is that our bodies grow fantastically and we develop muscular strength. Thus the ages of 1 – 3 are under the governance of Mars.

With our mind and body now ready to function normally we are ready to begin speaking, interacting and learning. This period of primary education begins from the ages of 3 – 12, under the governance of Mercury.

Having primary knowledge under our belts, we move into the next phase of life: vocational and higher education and the building of our own lives by getting married and raising a family of our own. These years 13 – 32 are governed by Venus.

Having accomplished all our education and the bulk of our practical responsibilities we now attain a period characterized by wisdom, prosperity and the ability to guide others. These are the years 33 – 50, governed by Jupiter.

Wisdom and guidance leads to recognition, leadership and fame, which come during the Suns natural period of life: the years 50 – 70.

Finally we detach ourselves from material things and prepare to understand the limitations of life and death. This occurs during Saturn’s natural cycle, the years 70 – 120.

These are non-personal eras of life, in that they apply to everyone equally regardless of who they are. It is said that when an individual has a personal era (“dasha”) in coincidence with a natural era of life, the planet concerned becomes extra effective in a positive way. I have personally experienced this to be a valid logic, making it a fit topic for further consideration.

– Vic DiCara
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  1. Tarun Malkani says:

    Is there something like period of special influence of planets which is different from natural era which is as given below ? Could you pl comment on the same below
    Moon Birth to 4th year
    Mercury 5th to 14th
    Venus 15th to 22th
    Sun 23rd to 41th
    Mars 42nd to 56th
    Jupiter 57th to 68th
    Saturn 69th to 108th
    Also one understands that all planets have a special year of Bhagyodyay ..when the persons luck starts It is sometimes called the rising age of planets. Below is what I was told is the rising age of planets
    Jupiter 16 years
    Sun 24 years
    Moon 28 years
    Saturn 35 years
    Rahu 42 years
    Ketu 48 years
    What is this special year of Bhagyodyay and how it is different from natural eras.


    1. vicdicara says:

      the first bit is incorrect according to Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. If you can cite the source for this version of natural orders I can consider it further. The second bit is supposed to be the year in which a planet generally produces a special result. I discuss these and similar topics in more detail in my forthcoming book.


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